Scholarship Testimonials

“The Scioto Foundation was a constant source of support throughout the course of my college career. Without its continued sponsorship, I would never have been able to attend the college of my dreams!”

Moriah Akers, past scholarship recipient, 2014 Princeton University graduate

“Receiving an award from Scioto Foundation helped me focus on education instead of finances. I was blessed to finish college debt free, which allowed me to freely pursue my vocation. I am grateful for that part that Scioto Foundation played in my college education.”

Chad R. VanHoose, past scholarship recipient, 2005 Eastern Kentucky University graduate

“Thank you, Kim Cutlip, the Scioto Foundation and UCAN. You are truly making a difference in this community.”

Todd Warnock, Superintendent, Clay Local Schools

“One of the highest priorities of the Bloom-Vernon School is to assure that students are college-ready when graduating from high school. UCAN has been a rich resource in the challenge of that priority. Not only has UCAN helped us better prepare students for college through Advanced Placement resources, but UCAN has also provided much needed financial support for many students to pursue postsecondary schooling. With the help of UCAN, more Bloom-Vernon students than ever are college-ready and furthering his or her education. Getting a college degree is a life-changing endeavor and the impact of UCAN is positively altering the lives of Bloom-Vernon students.”

Rick Carrington, former Superintendent, Bloom-Vernon Local Schools

“UCAN gives the gift of education.”

Donna Grimm, past Treasurer, New Boston Local Schools

“When I began to hear and read about communities that were developing funds to assist every graduate student with advanced education, I was excited and convinced it would be a culture-changing goal for our area. Since 2008, the Scioto Foundation has worked with school districts, school alumni, businesses, industries, and community members to make a great idea a reality. UCAN's steady growth, and expanding influence is already making a difference in the lives of students. Caring individuals, corporations and institutions have enthusiastically embraced the possibilities UCAN can bring to our community to create lasting and positive change. It is rewarding and exciting to be a part of lasting and positive change.”

Sallie Schisler, past Scioto Foundation Board Member

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