Celebrating 50 years in 50 weeks

It’s hard to remember a time when the internet wasn’t at our fingertips; able to provide answers to our question in seconds.

Only a few decades ago, if someone wanted to learn more about a specific subject they had to either ask an expert or spend time reading through books that may or may not be available at the Library.

In 1986, the Scioto Foundation Board of Governors tried bridge the education gap for those suffering from diabetes with a grant to the Scioto Memorial Hospital. The board awarded $7,500 from the Edmund J. Kricker fund to purchase a computerized educational system for diabetics. Those suffering from the disease could use this computer to learn more about diabetes and the best practices to stay healthy. The computers information could be updated to offer a more current education experience.

The clipping below was published in the Portsmouth Daily Times on February 6, 1986. Pictured are Eugene McKenzie Scioto Foundation Board Chair, Terry Vanderhoff, senior vice president and chief operation officer at Scioto Memorial Hospital, Mrs. Edmund Kricker, and Patricia Stanley, a registered nurse, and the hospital’s diabetic coordinator.

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