UCAN school representatives received updates for 2022-2023

A conference room full of area UCAN school representatives received updates for 2022-2023 and outlooks for the 2023-2024 school when they met at the Scioto Foundation office this fall. School administrators and guidance counselors from the 12 Scioto County UCAN (University/College Access Network) school districts were joined by representatives from UCAN Neighbors Schools in nearby counties for the session.

Scioto Foundation Executive Director Kim Cutlip announced that challenge grants would continue for Scioto County UCAN Funds. The Foundation has set aside $40,000 per year for a total of $200,000 beginning with the 2023/2024 school year and after the 2027/28 school year, marking the 20th year of the program.

All donations to Scioto County UCAN Funds invested in the Foundation from September 1 through August 31 will be matched. The match ratio will depend upon the amount of donations received.

“It is our hope that UCAN and UCAN related funds will reach the $4 million dollar mark in total assets by the year 2028,” said Cutlip.

Grants and Scholarships Coordinator Ginnie Moore reported that the Scioto Foundation scholarships continue to grow. Beginning in the 2024-2025 post-secondary year, it is anticipated that the Foundation will offer approximately $750,000 – $800,000 in annual scholarship awards to local students, she said.  

Due to the increasing number of scholarships anticipated at the Scioto Foundation, a new UCAN Scholarship Selection Committee has been established. They will choose students from each Scioto County High School and the UCAN Neighbor Schools to receive the UCAN Scholarships awarded annually by each school.

The selection committee includes guidance counselors from several high schools who volunteered to be on the committee. They include Andrea Ashley, South Webster Schools; Rebecca Duncan, Portsmouth City Schools; Beth Haney, Notre Dame Schools; Ellen Shope, Valley Schools, Paul Mayberry,  New Boston Schools; Phillip Shepherd, Valley Schools; and Megan Lemon, South Point Schools. 

The Scioto Foundation on-line application form went “live” on November 1, 2023 and the deadline to complete scholarships will be on February 14, 2024 at 4:30 p.m. The applications are on-line at www.sciotofoundation.org.

The Scioto Foundation will also continue to offer S2,000 mini-grants to Scioto County UCAN Schools and $1,000 to UCAN Neighbors Schools for college preparedness activities. The funds are to support or offset costs for students and families and can be used for AP, ACT or PSAT exam fees. In addition monies can be requested to defray expenses such as transportation or food needed to take students on college visit or visits.

“The Foundation will continue to monitor local college night activities,” said Cutlip. “If needed, the Foundation is ready to restart the UCAN Go To College Night evening event which has been on pause since Covid 19 began.”

UCAN College Coach Christy Wilcox is available to assist schools in helping students plan and prepare for college. She can speak to students in groups on one-to-one to assist with students’ college plans. To request a visit with Christy, teachers, counselors and students may email her at christy@thesciotofoundation.org. The Scioto Foundation will continue the raffle of ten $500 scholarships to students that participate in the UCAN College Coaching program. The raffle will take place in April of 2024 and for every coaching session, students will receive an entry ticket.

More information about the UCAN program is available by contacting the Scioto Foundation at (740) 354-4614, by emailing at kim@thesciotofoundation.org, visiting the FS website at www.sciotofoundation.org or liking the Scioto Foundation on Facebook. 

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