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We believe museums enrich, educate and honor the communities in which they exist. By collecting, preserving and displaying historical material and artifacts of Scioto County, Ohio, we revere those who came before, inspire communal pride in our citizens and keep for the future generations to come the amazing story of their forebears. Those who come to visit us will leave with an appreciation of Scioto County history and its amazing people. Our mission then is, “to remember the past, and carry it into the future”.



To collect, preserve, own and display material and artifacts of historical and antiquarian value relating to Scioto County, Ohio to include the City of Portsmouth, all its villages and all the rural areas in between.

Additionally, the Museum proposes to be more than just a community “attic”. While displays of historical artifacts are by nature an integral part of any museum, the mere viewing of such cannot serve any purpose other than conjuring up some nostalgic memory in the viewer. The Museum aims to provide much more. Through constantly evolving exhibits, hands-on experiences, educational programs, lectures, and material for research, all who visit can have a unique and meaningful experience.  We have a rich, impressive history in Scioto County that Museum programs can highlight. Those who live here can be proud of our past. Those who visit us or are just passing through will go away delighted with what they have discovered. The word will spread. A lifelong audience will emerge.


Did you know?

In the early half of 2018 some citizens of Portsmouth and Scioto County gathered to celebrate and honor our local history and heritage. In the old Portsmouth High School gymnasium they lined all four walls with their personal collections of historical artifacts. It was an impressive display of items from bygone days that delighted students and adults alike. They learned about the flood of 1937 and the tornado of 1968, early fire department history, the participation of Scioto County in the Spanish-American War, the Hillcrest Children’s Home, the medical history of Scioto County, our impressive sports heritage, the local struggle for civil rights, historic buildings and steel and shoes. Students were particularly intrigued. What were the Korn Karnival (pictured left), Millbrook and the Vulcan airplane? Really? And why so many dairies?

At the end of the show as they packed up their materials the exhibitors began to talk. They realized they were just taking their collections home to be stored out of sight until the next event, whenever and wherever that might be. Someone joked, “You know when we die our kids are just going to put this stuff on eBay.” Then and there it became apparent – we need a museum.

Every month since May 2019, and many times in between, we have met to formalize our plan for a museum for Scioto County. We meet the second Tuesday of the month at the Museum located at 733 5th Street, Portsmouth, OH 45662. We have a nine-member Board of Trustees. Our members are notable citizens of the community including an attorney, two college professors, business owners and those retired or still employed. Toward our goal we have contacted the Ohio Historical Connection, the Ohio State University Business Development Center, visited other local museums, and spread the word among individuals, businesses, community organizations and governmental entities. Importantly we have signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the City of Portsmouth to utilize the building at 733 5th Street, commonly known as the Marting’s Annex. This structure, built in 1910, and sitting empty so long, will come back to life.

Contact Info for Scioto County Heritage Museum:

Linda Donaldson, President

Address: P.O. Box 679, Portsmouth, OH 45662

Phone: (740)307-2789

Facebook: visit

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