Scott Phipps Memorial Scholarship Fund

Written by Kay Bouyack

The Scioto Foundation is pleased to announce the establishment of the new Scott Phipps Memorial Scholarship Fund, created by his family.

The Scott Phipps Memorial Scholarship Fund will offer a $1,000 scholarship award in 2024. High school golfers from any school in Scioto County are eligible to apply for the scholarship if they participated on their school golf team.

The scholarship honors K. Scott Phipps of Wheelersburg who passed away on January 23, 2022. He was born on April 6, 1957 in Portsmouth and was a 1975 graduate of South Webster High School. Scott was a retired Corrections Officer at the Southern Ohio Correction Facility. He owned and operated Little Scioto Golf Course for many years. Scott was married to Terri Turner Phipps for 41 years, had two children Scotty and Mallory (Ryan Smith) Phipps, and seven grandchildren Car, Claire, Maeve Ryan, Coryden, Brynn, Evelyn, and Mileva.

“We started the scholarship because we wanted to do something in his honor that gives back to our community,” said Mallory. “He enjoyed golf most of his life and was very good at it, then purchased a golf course shortly before retirement so golf was a huge part of his life and something he loved and was passionate about. He was also highly intelligent and valued education. Even though he wasn’t able to pursue a college education himself, he encouraged me to and hoped my children would as well. I think a scholarship that encourages education and is centered around the sport he loved so much is the perfect way to honor his memory.”

“Comments expressed at the time of Phipps’ funeral show that his golf clients held him in high regard. One golfer said he had played at the Li5le Scioto course for 55 years and Scott ran it better than anyone else.

Another person said Scott would be missed by so many in the community, especially everyone at the golf course. Still others recalled so many great memories at the golf course and remember that Scott was very proud of his family and his golf course.

Another golfer told a story that Scott only charged him for a half-year membership at the course because he wasn’t able to play the rest of the year after having quadruple bypass surgery in June. “Scott had a much bigger heart,” he said.

Contributions to the Scott Phipps Memorial Scholarship Fund from family, friends or the general public may be made at any time. Donations may be in the form of gifts of cash, securities or property.

Additional information about the Scott Phipps Memorial Scholarship Fund or other planned giving opportunities at the Scioto Foundation may be obtained by contacting Patty Tennant, Program Officer – Donor Services, or SF Executive Director Kim Cutlip at (740) 354-4612.

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